German composer Johann Sebastian Bach lived nearly 350 years ago and he created some of the most precious pieces in the history of music – 1080 compositions to be exact. He loved coffee, so much that he wrote a Coffee Cantata. A little known fact about Johann Sebastian Bach is he was the music director of a cafe in Leipzig, Kaffe Zimmermann. There he performed regularly and tried out his compositions. His music was often the backdrop of every day life of the people of Leipzig.

Bach Café takes its name from this great composer. It’s the brainchild, the playground of pianist/composer Emir Gamsızoğlu who developed his idea with the need to create an alternative to the 20th and 21st century performance arts communication. His idea of creating a performance space where a personal communication with the audience can exist is coming from Gamsızoğlu’s past as a student in conservatory and his early years as a concert pianist. Contrary to the standardized commercial world, Bach Café aims to create a direct and close relationship between the audience/listener and the artist, musician, intellectual or scientist.