Visual artist and idea worker. Aside from producing in the field of plastic arts and graphic design, Elif Erdoğan draws attention with her philosophical articles to Düşünbil Portal. She gives philosophy seminars in various institutions and conducts Philosophy Bazaar in Oya Kültür. She also produces in the fields of philosophy of art, art theory and criticism.

Erdoğan, who studied piano with Emir Gamsız in her childhood, has participated in exhibitions with her paintings and installations since her high school years. In addition to her aim of creating a style of her own in oil paintings with the support of Mustafa Özel in her art works, she is currently continuing to sculpt in the studio of Cenk Doğusal.

Graduated from Saint Joseph French High School, Elif Erdoğan received her bachelor degree in Bilkent University with her BA thesis titled Universality in Aesthetic Judgments.